Shine Louise Houston


Curve-Magazine-July-2015 IN THE PINK: Getting sexy on screen with Shine Louise Houston “The #LoveWins Issue”
Curve Magazine July/August 2015
“Shine Louise Houston is ahead of the curve.”
– Julie Keck, MediaShift”It’ll give you goosebumps, make you smile, and if you’re like me, a bit of both while shouting ‘viva la revolucion!’ Also, in San Francisco style, SNAPSHOT is about a murder.”
– Violet Blue, TinyNibbles”SNAPSHOT subverts the typical ‘coming out narrative’ and flips that against the backdrop of a slow-burning thriller.”
– Joseph Viney, BaDoink

Campaign Coverage

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What it’s like to own a porn company (Cosmopolitan Magazine)
This Queer Woman of Color is Changing the Biz (Refinery29)
Support SNAPSHOT, Queer Women of Color Making Sexy Porn (Autostraddle)
Shine Louise Houston and Jiz Lee, Crowdfunding Queer Porn Their Way (Huffington Post)
How a Feminist Porn Company is Reshaping the Rules of Crowdfunding (PBS MediaShift)

Press Materials

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Shine Louise Houston
Photo: N Maxwell Lander. Click for full size.


Photos: Pink and White Productions. Click for full size. 


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